I'm a senior at Northwestern studying Computer Science in the McCormick School of Engineering.

I want to use clever and creative programming to produce meaningful content that is easy and fun to interact with.

Let's create together.


ByteSize is an an iOS app for on-the-go food delivery, developed for my research on on-the-go physical crowdsourcing systems. Potential helpers are only asked to complete a delivery if the pick-up location is already on their current path. On-the-go systems may increase helper participation and require less incentives than traditional food-delivery systems, which often direct helpers to go out of their way to complete tasks.


MeetMe lets you send your availability to teammates or friends, so that you can overlay your schedules and easily find the best time to meet up. For convenience, you can import your Google calendar, and still continue to add additional conflicts or remove any imported events.


Over is a photo editing mobile application that allows users to easily overlay photos with text. Several interns and I developed the beta version of a text generation feature that suggests text content based on user-input category or search term. Feel a little stale for 2016? The feature can also use deep learning and image recognition to recommend content directly related to the user’s underlying photo.

I worked on the backend of the feature, which included managing content in a SQLite database, creating an API, and working with an image recognition API and natural language processing.


Especially as startups expand quickly, having a data-driven approach to growth is critical to promote transparency and establish a quantitative baseline for company goals. I created an online dashboard that displays KPIs (key performance indicators, like revenue and retention) and updates daily.


Escape is an easy way for travelers to explore foreign cities and locals to discover new experiences in their home towns. In under five minutes, users of the app can create an itinerary tailored to their interests, location, and schedule. They can also view descriptions for each activity or restaurant and a map with directions between events.


cuRate is a Slack bot that simplifies your inundated Twitter feed. Many Twitter accounts tweet multiple times per day, generating so much content that it becomes stressful and difficult for users to absorb the most important information. For each high-priority account that a user has selected, cuRate posts the top tweet from the past day into the Slack channel of the user’s choice.


I'd love to hear from you!

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